Tectonic shift think tank/Tech requirements/Community

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  • Real usability test for Watchlists, Preferences, Talk pages, Diffs, Recent Changes
  • presence indicators (on Recent Changes)
  • User "dashboard" style functionality:
    • Friends
    • Friends edits
    • category tracking
    • presence indicators
  • real names as well as handles
  • email for Watchlist should be on by default
  • White Board? for collaborative work
  • easier addition of existing categories and new categories
  • prompted to fill in user pages on creation of account
  • templates for user page (including details like: what technologies you're using, etc.)
  • diffs and all the functionality that goes in Recent Changes
  • investigate OpenID or options for single signons between MediaWikis

Social Aspects for WikiEducator

non-technical aspects

  • encouraging community
  • recognizing individual contributions
  • educating beginner users towards becoming power users