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Problems with SCORM

  • almost unimplementable;
  • too many variants on implementation on 'player' side.
  • bells & whistles just don't work with any regularity => interoperability is actually broken.

IMS Content Packaging

  • lowest common denominator
  • works on many systems
  • lightweight
  • nothing particularly educational about it IMS (ultimately a benefit)
  • no support in MediaWiki


  • Support standards (XHTML,
  • Metadata?


  • no support for packaging of any kind?
  • wiki content(s) -> XML (in the works)


  • 2-way
  • requires XML step

From the community chatroom

<kevingamble> any discussion of openID and when we might see it?
<kim_register> I think several of the participants are from different platforms and projects
<kim_register> but it might be nice to have a small pilot project where several people work together  
and can actually test to see if their systems are cooperating
<ChuckBearden> To what extent are interopability problems solved by open standards, whether data  
standards (content and metadata markup, e.g.) or APIs?
<ChuckBearden> Are they enough to create interoperability?
<yeoman> have you thought about incorporating learning object metadata into mediawiki? (I've looked 
into it) see http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Learning_object_metadata ... that's the IEEE standard... I 
think it's current.
<kevingamble> we wrote a LOM extension that maps the required Dublin Core metadata elements - so not 
all of the elements. It works for our purposes.
<kevingamble> mapped them to the DC best we could. it wasn't a perfect fit. LOM actually was better 
though. Nothing is required for it to parse.