Summary of Day Two Activities

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The day's programme involved four (4) activities

  1. Presentation by Ms. Patricia Benn on the Terms of Reference and Deliverables of the Boot camp
  2. Audio Conference and PPT. Presentation by Wayne Mc Intosh from Vancouver that dealt with Distance Education
  3. Brainstorming session “Planning for a Workshop” facilitated by Tauvaga Vaai, with participants divided into four groups. Each group reported at the end of the session
  4. Harmonization of the presentation/ideas to articulate a final template

Activity 1

Identification of the shared qualities/characteristics of the boot camp participants that would ensure the success of the programme e.g.

  • Are all educational progfessionals committed to enlarging the VUSSC community
  • Willing to be involved in the community for at least 2 years
  • Willing to conduct a workshop within four months of the boot camp

Deliverables of the boot camp e.g

  • Plan a three-day workshop, facilitate a course on DE using Moodle platform
  • Develop learning materials using a design template
  • Create slide show presentation to be used in the workshop

Activity 2

  • This activity featured an interactive teleconference presentation by Wayne Mc Intosh on the Principles of DE. With the WIKI Chat turned on and the IRC up and running, there was active interaction within the group on several levels: responding to Waynes's questions, high quality 'side' discussions as well as opportunities to speak to and respond to questions/observations by Wayne
  • It was an informative and well-delivered presentation that provided valuable information on current trends/thinking in DE, the special approaches, organizational and administrative arrangements required not to mention the differences the use of technology demands in the developing of DE programmes
  • The personal glimpses and anecdotes of his experiences served to personalize the presentation, thus making a more directed ‘connection’ with the boot camp members.

Activity 3

  • Four groups were formed with their remit being to “brainstorm a plan for a three-day workshop: “Training Educators to Create ODL Materials.”
  • Group presentations revolved essentially around the same content with some variation with respect to depth of the planning process and attention to detail. Generally all groups were on track.
  • Each group eventually presented their findings which was recorded and loaded onto the WIKI by Phillip

Activity 4

  • This plenary as it were, generated much, and at times heated discussion as an attempt was made to harmonize the contributions of the four groups into one concise, cohesive document. Questions on the type and quality of objectives, of semantics, meaning and interpretation , arrangement/ordering/and structure of the language used, dominated the very healthy and valuable discussion all admirably, softly and diplomatically handled by Tauvaga Vaai.

Summarized by --User:Ainsworthovid (Trinidad and Tobago}