Organizing pre-workshop logistics activities/Select a Workshop Venue

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In order to ensure that the venue is able to provide the necessary facilities you will need to do some research click here to download a checklist to help as a guide for this task.

Some of the aspects to consider are:

Venue requirements

  • Location of the venue to transport
  • Availability during the preferred dates
  • Availability of Accommodation
  • Size/Number of meeting rooms required
  • Availability of good internet access and computer lab facilities
  • The costs of the venue in relation to your budget
  • Other factors including venue security, levels of hospitality and conduciveness to learning

Internet Access

Bearing in mind that in most cases ( developing countries, like Africa) will not have good internet access, it is important to confirm whether you can be allowed to bring in equipment from "outsiders". This implies that you may have to outsource the function of setting up the Local Area Network (LAN) to a third party. If this is the case you should have this provision in the budget. Typical computer lab requirements will be:

  • Computers connected to each other via a network(Wireless or Ethernet)
  • Computers installed with appropriate operating system and application software. It is preferred that the computers will use Open Source Software but if not the case ensure that the software in use is properly licensed.
  • All computers connected to the internet (Optional)

If you are not comfortable with the reliability of internet access, you will be required to set-up a back-up media wiki installation within the Local Area Network (LAN)to simulate the wikieducator portal. See instructions for setting up a back-up media wiki installation here .

You will have to be able to select the most appropriate venue in line with your budget and participants requirements. See a venue accreditation form here.