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Student Title of Project Year
Shankar Lal A study of composition operators on the space of analytic functions 2014
Bhupendra Saini Study of fractional kinetic equations (Minor Project) 2014
Rajesh Dhayal Application of conformal mappings to study temperature problems (Minor Project) 2014
Mukesh Ranwa Study Of Infinite Product (Minor Project) 2014
Alok Singh A study of second and third order Hankel determinant for close-to-convex function 2013
Vinay Kumar Certain Subclasses of Bi-Univalent functions 2013
Mahipal A study of Quasi-subordination for certain class of analytic functions involving Salagean operator 2013
Sandeep Bhaskar On generalized fractional kinetic equations 2012
Rubal Rajora New aspects of H-functions and its generalizations


Vinay Kumar Application of Mellin-Barnes integral representation of certain special functions in signal processing 2012
Sanjay Lamba An Overview of Kratzel function and some of its generalizations 2011