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The purpose of the PCF5 wiki

This wiki is the place on the web to find papers developed for the Fifth Pan-Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning (PCF5). All of the papers are available as downloadable resources. Many of them are also available as open papers which can be developed and edited by the WikiEducator community.

PCF5 took place in London from 13 to 17 July 2008. The PCF5 wiki provides a place to:

  • explore the ideas and your experiences with other educators;
  • discover possible collaborators and partners;
  • learn about social software;
  • acquire new and relevant ICT skills;
  • interact with our online community; and
  • share and contribute your knowledge to the intellectual commons.

Please note: All contributions to PCF5 are accepted on the understanding that you agree to licence your published work for others to share, disseminate and adapt, under Creative Commons 'share alike by attribution'licence terms.

Please see the WikiEducator tutorial on free content for more information.

Start drafting your paper ...

Information on using WikiEducator is available in the 'Help' section. If you are familiar with the workings of our Wiki and are comfortable with contributing to our vision of free content for development, go right ahead and contribute a report on the PCF5 sessions...

Submit a session report now ...

  • Enter the title of the session as it appears on the programme after the colon:
  • A new window will open when you're done.
  • The new window works like a proforma - simply copy and paste the information in the relevant sections.
Please note: do not delete the final line in the template (saying 'PCF5 Reports').

Please do not forget to enter the session title before pressing the 'submit a session' button!

In the news

PCF5 in London may be over, but the Forum continues on WikiEducator:
  • Session reports: more than sixty session reports are now available online, summarising over ninety hours worth of discussions. Further reports will be added next week.
  • Papers for PCF5: Most of the contributions to PCF5 can be viewed and downloaded via WikiEducator. To access the papers, just click on any of the 'Theme' sections on the top bar of this page ('Governance', 'Health', 'Livelihoods', 'Children', 'Crosscutting').
  • The Forum: PCF5 has brought together more than 700 scholars and practitioners from over 70 countries. For more information on the Forum programme, please consult the PCF5 website. Keynote speeches are available from the COL website.

Getting help

This is where we post info on getting help and support.