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Title of session

Title of the session goes here ......Learner Support

Session details

  • Date: enter the date here ...Tuesday 15 July
  • Time: enter the time of the session here ...14.00
  • Room: enter the room here ....Clarke Hall

Session papers

  • Richard Kajumbula, Improving access to research supervision and supervisors: Use of email (731)
  • Olabisi Kuboni, Towards the design of a decentralised support system for online learners (493)
  • Siti Farina,The effects of Pre-Instructional support on Online distance learners (744)
  • BK Somayajulu, Distance learners and support services (25)
  • Sharker Numan, Challenges in prpviding support sertvices to distance learners in a blended learning environment on the learning of mathematics

Key Issues that arose in the session

  • Presentation 1:

Use email to facilitate communication among dispersed populations of researchers needing supervision. What factors make this more effective? What factors influence its uptake? Difference between planned and actual email usage. Student expectations were of immediate feedback, fulltime interaction and higher marks. Face to face interaction still perceived as more beneficial.

  • Presentation 2:

Support for online learning placed at local learning sites as well as in an online space dt to different from the LMS. Learning site coordinator can act to direct learners to the correct location for help. Online environment can make students feel isolated – need to help them understand that they are really interacting with real people.

  • Presentation 3:

Providing pre-instructional support increases performance in online space. Face to face workshops improves learner achievement Tutor online support can improve discussion participation and examination results Tutors must be trained to provide pre- and in-course support.

  • Presentation 4:

Points for future action (Policy, recommendations, commitments etc.)

  • How are email tutors remunerated? What are the conditions of providing tutelage – response times expected? Are learner expectations for email tutoring realistic?
  • How do we accommodate for those students that still require face to face consultation, especially when peers have such access.
  • Still need to work on providing better online access to students for tutoring purposes. Tutors require training as well as a change in mindset regarding providing online support especially with respect to students having more consistent access to tutors.