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For those unfamiliar with text communication Virginia Shea has produced 10 rules for ['netiquette'][1]. The following are adapted from these rules

  • Remember you are talking to other people and not just a computer screen.
    • Keep the human focus in mind and be respectful of others and their opinions. It is OK to disagree but do so politely.
  • Try to be responsible in your postings.
    • Remember the others who will be reading them.
    • Our blog postings will be in a closed group to minimise issues of confidentiality. Rather than criticising practice you are encouraged to critically appraise evidence which supports practice and consider how you will act as a midwife in a particular clinical situation.
    • Although this is a closed group you must consider issues of confidentiality. Names and identifying characteristics of people involved in situations in your blog need to be obscured to maintain anonymity.
    • By all means express yourself as you need to but try to keep your discussions to the point of the conversation that is occurring.
    • This will save others time when it comes to reading your postings and will allow them to get to the point before they give up.
  • Do not expect immediate responses to everything you post.
    • Other people are not necessarily sitting on the end of the line waiting for your words to arrive.
  • Be polite and avoid swear words or words that could offend others.
    • It is considered rude to type in capital letter.
    • This is the same as shouting in face to face communication.
    • Typing in red text might also be considered shouting.
  • If you find a useful reference or online source make sure you share it with others.
    • This ability to share is one of the real values of this type of communication

Finally don't worry too much about rules just get in and start communicating. We can't have a conversation if nobody talks so take a deep breath and jump into this exciting environment that you will find has so much to offer.

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