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Communication can be define as a process of transmitting information from the sender to the recipient through an appropriate communication channel.Communication is always a two way affair,i.e the sender and recipient.The following are the types:

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To dillate on the communication,and the process for effective use by learners.

b]To acquaint learners with the types.

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Types of communication: 1.Written 2.Reading 3.Speaking 4.Listening


Having gone through the communication process,effectiveness can now be achieved.There are barriers to effective Communication process,these are:

a]Language barrier b]Cultural differences c]Distance d]Poor communicatiopn skills e]Noise f]Inadequate Communication Skills g]Wrong choice of channels There are various means of overcoming these barriers and these are as follow: a]Adequate information on communication Skills and knowledge. b]Understanding the language c]Appropriate choice of channels e)Adequate communication Skills For more information,click here here