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Join our SCoPE seminar, OERu: Developing an agenda together scheduled from 18 September to 2 October 2013


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During this two-week seminar we will review progress of the OERu implementation and discuss the development of the agenda for the 2nd Meeting of OERu anchor partners.

A SCoPE history of making OERu futures happen
The OER Foundation subscribes to open philanthropy and since the inception of the OERu concept in 2011 we have hosted pre-meeting SCoPE seminars to inform our open OERu meetings. In February 2011, Paul Stacey at BCcampus facilitated the first OERu SCoPE online seminar which generated inputsPDF down.png for the OER for Assessment and Credit for Students Meeting leading to the establishment of the OERu concept. In August of the same year, a second SCoPE seminar was convened to discuss recommendations for the inaugural OERu credential to generate inputsPDF down.png for the OERu 2011.11 Meeting of Founding Anchor Partners.

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The purpose of this OERu 13.09 SCoPE seminar is to:
  • Review and discuss progress of the OERu since the 2011.11 Meeting of founding anchor partners
  • Consult with the open community on the implementation of the OERu
  • Consult on the development of the agenda for the 2nd meeting of OERu anchor partners.

Aggregated Feed

This seminar is part of the ongoing discussion about the OERu and its development. Forum postings from the seminar will be included in the aggregated feed that also includes micro-blog (Twitter, G+, and WEnotes) postings and long form blog postings.

13.09 OERu SCoPE Seminar themes

  1. OERu Differentiation features: Wed 18 and Thu 19 September 2013
    • What is the OERu point of difference and does it need one?
    • What differentiates the OERu collaboration from xMOOCs?
    • What has contributed to the uptake and global interest in the cMOOCs and xMOOCs?
    • What does this mean for OERu?
  2. OERu operations and lessons we are learning: Fri 20 and Mon 22 September 2013
    • What are the institutional capacity development requirements for OERu operations? How do we address these?
    • What are the lessons we are learning from prototyping?
    • What technologies will bring us closer to achieving our goals and how do we implement them?
    • What are the business models for scalable and sustainable operations?
  3. Micro-credentials: Tue 24 and Wed 25 September 2013
    • What are micro-credentials in the OERu context?
    • What are the barriers and opportunities for implementing micro-credentials for the OERu?
    • What will they look like and how will they work?
  4. Textbook Zero: Thu 26 and Fri 27 September 2013
    • How do we align OERu programme development with open textbook initiatives?
    • Are there any open textbook projects could adopt for OERu course development?
  5. Quality issues for the OERu: Mon 30 September 2013
    • How should the OERu partners promote and ensure quality?
    • What are the issues associated with an institution with questionable quality standards joining the OERTen (eg degree mill operator)?
    • How do quality perceptions of the OERu model impact on standing with regional qualification authorities around the world?
  6. Design based research: Tue 1 and Wed 2 October 2013
    • What can we learn from design based approaches for implementing the OERu?