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Our study group has been discussing the Likert scales for MOOC participation related questions, for example: How would you describe your ACTUAL levels of participation during eduMOOC?. We have been reflecting on the advantages and disadvantages of using terms like "Lurker" and considering the nature, extent and alternatives for MOOC engagement. The current scale proposed in the draft survey is:

  • Registered but did not regularly follow the course
  • Silent observer
  • Moderate contributor (= adding contributions from time to time)
  • Memorably active (= writing contributions and reactions in at least 6 of the 8 weeks)

(Note the scale was derived from the MobiMOOC survey but exchanging the concept of "lurker" with "silent observer" and adding a category for people who registered but did not follow the course.)

  1. What is the best way to set the scale?
    • Keep the scale in the draft survey above unchanged, that is;
      Registered but did not regularly follow the course
      silent observer
      moderate contributor
      memorably active
    • Edit it
    • Replace it with the following suggestion (see discussion):
      Passive Registrants
      Receptive Participants
      Productive Participants
      Enablers (or Enabling Participants)
    • Refine it
    • Collaborate to produce some other scale