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Susan Fall is developing OERs in math topics. 

These are the topics worked on so far:

How to Study Math
Subtracting Negatives
Order of Operations
Compare the Relative Size of Decimals draft
Combine Like Terms
Introduction to Equations
Solve Equations
Solve Equations (2)
Solve Equations (3)
Introduction to Exponents
Simplify using the distributive propertydraft
Define the Slope of a Line
Find the Slope of a Line Between Two Points
Write the Equation of a Line Using Point/Slope
Write the Equation of a Line Using y=mx+b
Solve Equations that Must Be Simplified
Solve Equations with Variable on Both Sides of the Equation
Solve Equations with Fractions
Solve Equations with Inequalities
Introduction to Solving Quadratic Equations
Define Functions and Find Functional Values

They will each have the following format. 

Title: Finding the Slope of a Line Between Two Points

Why: Slope is an important concept for problem-solving. It is part of the equation of a line and tells us how the y-value is changing with respect to the x-value.

Learning Objectives:
1. Learners will read text about finding the slope of a line.
2. Learners will find the slope for given pairs of points.

Success Criteria: After completion of this module, learners will be able to:
1. Define slope.
2. Solve for the slope of a line given two points on the line.

Prerequisites: Learners should know how to plot points on a two-dimensional graph. They also need to know how to apply a formula.

Resources and Information: see text in Maple file.  (Note: working on publishing files from Maple)

Slope: the amount of upward or downward movement the line makes as you move to the right.

Plan and/or Tasks:

1. Read the information and examples of finding the slope of a line, given to points on the line.
2. Using the first example, redo it on another piece of paper without looking at the answer. Then, check your work.

Key Questions (Critical Thinking Questions)

1. How do you find the slope of a line?
2. What does it mean when the slope is 0?
3. What does it mean when the slope is undefined?
4. Give an example where you would get a line with a positive slope.
5. Give an example where you would get a line with zero slope.
6. If you were given the slope and one of the points, could you find another point on the line?

Skill Exercises:
1. Find the slope for the following pairs of points:
a. (0.0) and (2.4)
b. (3.6) and (0, 6)
c. (3,6) and ( 4,3)

2. Explain to someone else how you found the answer to 1b.


1. Graph a line in Excel and find its slope.

Ask your coach to look at your graph and answer. Be prepared to explain what you did.
Reflection on Learning:
1. What strengths did you exhibit in learning about finding slope?
2. In what areas would you like to improve your understanding of slope?
3. What insight did you gain from your investigation of slope?

What do you still need to learn about slope? What goals do you have for further investigation?