Group 4: Issues and OERu meeting priorities

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Identify the top 3 priorities this meeting should address

  • Strategy for assessment issues - work group to address the summative assessment issues for the OERu network

Bullet list of issues and questions

  • The challenge of cultural imperialism - How do we address the issue?
  • Assessment and resources repository (systems) -- support for faculty to search and find.
  • Lack of knowledge on intellectual property issues.
  • Capacity development for open design (pedagogical design)
  • Does the model support blended learning?
  • How can we use learning analytics to support OERu
  • University of London model reincarnated -- What's the challenge?
  • How do we better serve traditionally under served communities

Strategic leadership issues to be tabled at the OERu Council of Chief Executive Officers

  • Many agencies work within environments where Ministries of Education are not necessarily supportive of the OERu. How can our OERu partners institutional leadership empower the model. (Funding models based on fuelling competition.)
  • CEOs to give attention to the development of a "choir sheet" / communication document on what the OERu is about.