Group 1: Issues and OERu meeting priorities

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Identify the top 3 priorities this meeting should address

  • Awarding credit for courses, leading to credentialing is an obvious need to address, ie methods/costs of assessment of learning, standards for articulation across diverse systems.
  • As we move from prototype phase, how do we identify which courses we will focus on moving forward? (Including level, and subject matter.) Should focus be on "basic" core subjects, or more specialized offerings?

Bullet list of issues and questions

  • There is likely utility in another round of brainstorming to identify courses?
  • Could an "indigenous studies" focus for a course or set of courses work in our international arrangement?
  • Are we ready to think about programs? (Likely not yet.)
  • A Bachelor of General Studies can encompass a very wide range of subjects. Identify "themes" within BGS paths?
  • Pairing course development with "shared research activities"...?
  • Getting our university cultures excited about the potential inherent in OERu activities.
  • How do we define a course? Or a micro-course?
  • Do individual OER university partner schools have residential requirements that might prevent these multi-institutional degrees from being recognised administratively?

Strategic leadership issues to be tabled at the OERu Council of Chief Executive Officers

  • Bringing libraries, registrars, marketing, research and other elements of our institutions "up to speed" and involve their contributions.