2011.11 OERu Recommendations for quality accreditation model

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Dunedin Group 3: Discussions on quality accreditation model

  • Criterion of national accrediting is not sufficient
  • Individual accreditation of courses
  • Don’t want to close the OERu model to institutions --- anchor partners can endorse the course at other institutions based on a framework.
  • Tools: Commonwealth Framework, EFQUEL protocols.
  • Endorsement of courses for transfer credit -- OERu proposed process for endorsement
  • DE student has already done courses.
  • Use COL TQF as a staring point for definitions and protocols for OERu partners.
  • Consider request to COL for guidance and support for adapting modifying the TQF for the OERu initiative.
  • Recommendation -- member institutions need to avoid practices that would jeopardize stature or accreditation status.
  • Piece in the middle between the course and credential? How will the model work re academic volunteers, pedagogy. How do we scale the model cost-effectively.

Virtual Group 3: Discussion on quality accreditation model

Provide comments and list quality related issues which the OERTen will need to address

  • How do you identify a particular individual across accreditation boundaries?
  • Another issue – Would anchor partners recognise Accreditations Issued by each other – IE if I had X by Partner A ) (not in my country) – and took it to Partner B (in my country) … would they ‘give me credit for it’ ?
  • This calls for some international transfer standards and processes - invent the process - a nice design challenge
  • COL's model is one, but there needs to be others that are more technically-enabled to make OERu a nimble, agile entity

What models or approaches do virtual participants recommend for cross-border course articulation and credit transfer?

  • It has to be a combination of elements: Course content, demonstrated competence, a syllabus to aim at and measure competence against.

What high-level model or approaches are recommended for consideration by OERTen partners?

  • Take a look at challenge driven innovation as a model of practice for change on a large scale