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Lesson plan for teaching presentation software

This course will take you through the basics of creating a presentations, inserting, editing, and formatting text, tables, charts, diagrams, pictures, shapes, graphics, and objects, and more.


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Course prerequisite
  • Candidates enrolling for this course should have basic knowledge for operating a computer - Booting, loading program and experience using a mouse and keyboard is required.

Course Objectives

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This course will be useful to teahcer who wish to integrate technology in class. However, anyone who wish to have knowledge of presentation software, can attend this course
After completing this two session course, participants should be able:

  • create a presentation from templates;
  • inserting, editing, and formatting text;
  • use tables and charts in presentation;
  • work with diagrams, pictures, shapes and graphics;
  • apply animations and transitions;
  • manage slides and presentions.

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Requirements for this course
  1. PC with any presentation software installed
  2. A LCD projector
  3. Whiteboard and Markers

DAY 1 (Duration: around 3 hrs)

Getting Started (30 mins)

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Class Activity

What is Open Office & Impress?, Starting Impress, The Impress Application Window, Identify and explain the different part of Impress window i.e title bar, menu bar, toolbars, the working area and views, scrollbars and status bar

Best to present using an LCD projector, provide handout on Impress Interface

Define the terms used in Impress(30 mins) Explain the commonly used terms used: Presentation files, Slides, Objects, Animations, Transitions, Slide Show Best to demo with sample presentation using an LCD projector, provide handout on PowerPoint Terms
Creating a Simple Impress Presentation (30 mins) Explain different methods for creating a presention: Blank presentation, Autocontent Wizard, From template. Best to demo using an LCD projector, provide Practical Class Assignment 1
Break for 15 mins Best to ask students to go out of class -
Give practical Excercise (50 mins) Explain/ Help students for : Insert text and basic formatting, new slide, objects, save, close and exit Impress Continue using Practical Class Assignment 1
Summary of Day 1 ( 15 mins) Make sure that everyone is able to load Impress, Recognise different part of Impress Window, Know different ways of creating presentation in Impress, Know the basic of manipulating slides and objects, conclude session for DAY 1, give and indication of what you intend to complete in Day 2. Should be done by interacting with participants. Provide additional excercises.

DAY 2 (About 3 hrs)