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This lesson plan requires OLPC laptops, although it may be possible to derive a plan for the non-OLPC schools using blackboard and exercise books.

The OLPC Activity "Joke Machine"

This is a powerful but easy to use activity that creates interactive scrap books in the form of quizzes. It is called "joke machine" because entries consist of questions and answers, i.e. "Q. Why did the chicken cross the road". "A. To get to the other side!" Each question is accompanied by a photograph or drawing and optionally an audio recording, both of which are made in advance from Record Activity and saved in the journal.

However, the questions can of course be serious too, and can be in Marovo Language.

This lesson will encourage children to be creative and will be a great way for the teacher to adopt the useof the school server in lessons.

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Note that this tool can also be used as a fun quiz to assess students learning during any lesson.

Grade and topic

Grade 1-6

Can be used for any topic that uses Marovo things as subject matter.

Curriculum references

  • Science, social studies, health, geography, etc. Depends on the subject matter of the questions that will be asked in the books.
  • Teachers will know how to use the ICT to support teaching and learning
  • Students will learn ICT skills
  • Students will be literate in both their own language and English
  • Vernacular education policy

Concept / Topic To Teach

The teacher will select a theme linked to the subject that is being studied and also to Marovo "things from the forest, the sea and the river". Some suggested examples:

  • Agriculture: Plant diseases and pests
  • Geography: Different kinds of rock
  • Conservation: Life-cycle of the turtle
  • Literacy: Our Marovo language

Standards Addressed

General Goal(s)

To create learn about the selected theme through an interactive ICT games approach.

Specific Objectives

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To create interactive "joke books", quizzes about specific Marovo themes.

Required Materials

  • Before the lesson, the teacher will prepare a joke book with maybe 10 pairs of questions and answers with accompanying photos, drawings and optionally audio recordings. The process is as follows:
    • Choose the questions and answers and write them (in Marovo). They can be a short paragraph in length each.
    • Take a picture that will be the "cover" of the book.
    • Take photos and audios with record, and draw with Paint as required to provide illustration for each question. In fact the suqgestions can directly refer to them (i.e. picture/drawing of bird, sound of bird)
    • Note that you can also use the pictures from the wiki, you can save them by right-click/save image, onto a flash drive and then put them on your XO. But test this first as picture size/resolution may cause problems. The XO uses 600 x 480 pixel photos.
    • Now you have the material prepared, create the book usingthe Joke Machine activity. Create a new book, add the cover and title, and then edit the book to add the content.
    • Test the book. Save it to the journal with a good explanatory name, such as "Marovo-Birds-Joke-Book"
    • Now upload it to the server "wiki upload folders". Create a directory for "Joke Books" and save your book there. Don't forget to rename it when it uploads with a random file name.
    • Test downloading it with a different XO and check that it works.
  • Prepare a list of question answer pairs for the students to complete in activity 2
  • The Reef and Rainforest books and access to the wiki

Anticipatory Set (Lead-In)

Step-By-Step Procedures

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  1. Activity 1
    • Organise the students in mixed groups. Distribute the Reef and Rainforest books to each group.
    • Tell the students to connect to the school server
    • Then ask them to open the "wiki upload folder" where you saved your demonstration joke book
    • Students download the demonstration book
    • Talk them through the questions. Volunteers from each group can in turn read a question aloud and another group read aloud the answer. You can then discuss with them the answer and talk about the accompanying pictures and what they have learned
  2. Activity 2
    • Write down on the board a table of 6 rows and 2 columns, headed "Question" and "Answer". Number the rows 1-5. Now write down in each row in Marovo language EITHER the question OR the answer.
    • Ask the students to discuss with each other the material and try to make up for themselves the missing information (i.e. the missing question or answer). The students should refer to the Reef and Rainforest books and/or wiki to help them. They should copy the table in the books and complete the question answer pairs. You can then ask them to report back what they have decided.
    • The students could also work in pairs reading the questions and then the other student reads the answers.
    • The students can then create joke books themselves and add the questions and answers, and as appropriate make drawings or take photographs to accompany them.
    • The teacher must assist the students and help them especially to name and save (keep) their books and check they can be located in their journals.
  • At the end of the lesson, select some of the better results and upload them to the school server and the wiki.

Plan For Independent Practice

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  • Add new question/answer pairs of their own
  • Take photos and make drawings for the joke books

Closure (Reflect Anticipatory Set)

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  • Discuss with the students and ask them what they have learned

Assessment Based On Objectives

  • Exercise books used in the activity
  • Completed joke books
  • Do a test on the subject matter and assess the student's learning

Adaptations (For Students With Learning Disabilities)

  • Use the group work sessions to focus on the slower learners
  • Pair the students with others who will help them

Extensions (For Gifted Students)

  • Use eToys to create an active essay about the subject matter, in Marovo language, using the same photos and material to expand on.

Possible Connections To Other Subjects

How well did this lesson go?

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