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This section is dedicated to the hosted Maharaservice MyPortfoliowhich is available for free to schools in New Zealand.

Many schools have been asking how they can learn more about Mahara / MyPortfolio and / or get started in using it. A few of us put our heads together and decided to create a marketplace where schools requesting taster / introductory sessions (thanks to Wayne and WikiEducator for this sustainable community building concept and the content from this and the guidelines page) can link up with those willing to offer these sessions. There is also a link to the guidelines we as a community think should apply to these sessions (any conditions if funding [for travel, etc.] is involved, etc.).

A MyPortfolio Taster is a short (90 to 120 minutes) introduction to Mahara and specifically the hosted service This a free professional development workshop for NZ teachers designed to help them get started with e-portfolios using Mahara. However, these are not sessions for an entire school (to get their PD), but each session should be attended by ICT leaders, teachers, principals, DPs etc. from at least 3 schools so that they can then take their experiences back to their own schools and continue the discussion. An experienced Mahara user will visit your school / cluster and facilitate this face-to-face session. By the end of the session each attendee will have started their own e-portfolio in, created at least one view and joined at least one group.

We have created a new site for all requests, booking, appointments, etc. Please visit the MyPortfolio Google site to act on your interest.