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This statement of work describes the WikiEducator / Island Pacific School / TBD (other school) K12 initiative to have students create their own curriculum and subsequent OER within WE.


Peter Rawsthorne's belief that to quickly develop K12 OER materials it should be done by the K12 students themselves in collaboration with their teachers. So I started looking for opportunities...

Project outcomes

A curriculum module developed by middle school students and published to WE as a candidate for the featured learning resource

What success looks like

  • All students are actively engaged in resource development
  • Two students and one teacher achieve WikiArtisans status
  • Curriculum module becomes a WE featured learning resource

Next Steps

  1. Further develop this statement of work with IPS (Michael and Brad)
  2. Develop fall L4C workshop extending the materials to include; Wiki's (mass collaboration), CC licensing, Pedagogy
  3. Initiate potential collaboration with IPS, WE, Trinidad & IPS teacher alumni in Trinidad - Deferred
  4. Confirm with Wayne that a L4C could be made available to this project
  5. Determine student privacy / permission policy
  6. Determine approach to subject / theme
  7. Create fall schedule
  8. Post this project to the WE Google Group requesting input and participation from a developing world grade 6 - 9 school / class
  9. Formally Request a L4C bounty to be used with IPS students and teachers for the fall 2008
  10. Have Wayne make me a connection with Jan Bratt (sp?) of kindernet (sp?) & WMF and ask about experiences with wikis and children.
  11. Take a good look at what Saint Michael's College, Vermont, USA is doing in the way of OER creation.
  12. Follow-up with Wayne regarding Christchurch College or another middle-school
  13. Create a WE:Project Node for group collaboration
  14. Consider using DimDim for web conferencing