Interview donts

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SL/RL interviewing Image by Briarmelle Quintessa. CC By

NEVER do the following:
Apply for jobs for which you are not qualified
Arrive totally unprepared
Arrive late
Neglect your appearance
Be overly aggressive or submissive in speech, gesture or attitude
Fidget – this is often seen as linked to untrustworthiness
Waffle – this shows a lack of focus and a lack of preparation
Mumble – speak clearly and confidently
Speak negatively – always turn a negative into a positive or follow a negative with a positive comment
Speak badly about a former boss
Answer a mobile phone call or respond to a text message
Lie, exaggerate or brag
Appear “needy” and annoying – remain cool and professional at all times
Ask "What's in it for ME?" type questions at the interview
Ask about salary and benefits first – let the interviewer bring this up (and they will if they are interested in you!)
Fail to ask questions about the job and/or company
Fail to express gratitude for the interviewer’s time
Fail to send a thank-you letter after the interview