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Pertaining to the broad community of Free Software Case Study activities.


E.g. Project X

  1. Understand the learning context and approach
    • e.g. what course material will be using the case studies
  2. List existing case studies
  3. Assess (some of the) existing case studies (see also Select below)
  4. List candidate new case studies
  5. Select (e.g. 3) from among them
  6. Write brief outlines of each showing their relation to the curriculum
  7. Plan case study development (for each specific case study)
    • List generic questions to ask the "owners" of the case studies and questions to be answered through the case studies in general (see Resources)
    • List specific questions for "owners" and learners relating to the case study in preparation.
  8. Interact with collaborators and develop/extend the case studies
  9. Invite review
  10. Use in courses and have learners improve the resources.