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English 1130: Academic Writing

Roundtable Podcast: Research Curatorship

A Final Assignment

Value: 20%

English 1130: Academic Writing Curatorship Podcast Value: 20%

Task: A curator manages or oversees a collection in a museum or library. Think about your research as a collection or library that you must present to the public in a podcast in conjunction with other curators. The assignment is an opportunity to discuss your research clearly and intelligently with others and find connections between their work and your own.

I will act as the host and will ask each of you to give a brief presentation of your research and then guide your interaction. The podcast presentation will be completed in groups. Each group will get a 30 minute time slot. The podcast will be recorded and you will have access to the recording, but you will not be allowed to make changes or edit the material.

Format: a. Introductions

b. The first person presents his or her key findings (1-2 minutes).

c. Other members of the group respond with what they find interesting about the research and ask questions (3-5 minutes total)

d. The Second person presents and we repeat the pattern until everyone’s research has been discussed

e. Each person presents a final reflection (1 minute).

Work out what you will say in advance and practice so that you sound natural, not like you are reading from notes. I will cut you off if you speak for too long or are unable to make your point clearly. I will also refocus the conversation if it becomes irrelevant.

Your performance will be graded on the following criteria:

1) Evidence of careful preparation

2) Respectful and enthusiastic interaction with group members

3) Confidence, clarity, and coherence

4) Thorough knowledge of your research topic

I will strictly enforce the time limits, so practice presenting your key findings making sure to keep it under 2 minutes. You now know a lot about your topic and should sound authoritative.