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Paper Format: MLA Style

Different disciplines use different formatting styles. It is important that you know which style is expected of you in any given class. The accepted style in English classes is MLA (or Modern Language Association) style, so we will be using that one. Any work that you submit that does not use this style correctly will not be accepted. This week's class is all about making sure that everyone is familiar with MLA style. 

Important links for this week's work

General MLA Format includes an image of what a first/title page should be in MLA style
In-text citation format 
Works Cited page format

MLA Style In-class Activities

Prepare an MLA style title/first page
Create and in-text parenthetical citation
Format a Works-Cited page with one entry on it.

On-line Activities

Choose your Ted talk.
Find the transcript of your Ted talk.
Find out how to cite your Ted talk video.
Post a link to your Ted talk on your sub page for this Wiki.