English1130Winter2012/Annotated Bibliography

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English 1130 007/012

Winter 2012

 Annotated Bibliography Assignment

Due Dates

Section 007: Monday, March 12, 10:00 pm

Section 012: Monday, March 12, 10:00 pm


Now that you have summarized and analyzed your Ted Talk, it is time to link it to other sources that you find using the web.

This assignment asks that you

find five academic sources that are on the same subject as your Ted Talk,
present those sources in correct MLA format (as a Works Cited page),
and summarize each of those sources in a paragraph of up to 200 words each. 

This assignment involves a lot of searching and reading. Be prepared to spend quite a bit of time on it.  You can save yourself time by checking your sources for relevance, looking carefully at titles and abstracts if they are available. 
One of the best ways to find sources is to examine the bibliographies/ works cited pages of articles. 


The sources must be academic, that is, they must be produced by an expert in the field, preferably with a PhD, who is linked with a university or college. 

Newspapers and popular magazines do not count as academic sources. 

Your sources must be current from within the past 10 years. 


Use the online journal databases from the Douglas College Library.

Use journal articles wherever possible.

Avoid books.

Avoid newspapers and popular magazines.

See if there are any suggestions on Ted. 

Basic reference texts don't count, though you might use Wikipedia to find sources.