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A few photo tips:

• Set your camera to the highest quality setting. We need high resolution shots; photos from mobile phones are of no use. • Photograph a mobile phone in the foreground so it won’t get dwarfed by the person. • Shoot from someone else’s point of view, i.e. if someone is videotaping or taking a photo, take your photo from behind them. • Show what’s around the person/people – buildings, children, animals – to make it obvious that this is a developing world setting. • Show people engaged in an activity rather than posing. • Know your flash’s range (usually about 15 feet). • Put your main subject off to one side to add visual interest. • Don’t leave a whole in the middle of the photo – move to the side to shoot from an angle. • For group shots, put people at different levels – use stairs and chairs. • For head tables, shoot from an angle, not straight on. • Take lots of photos, from different angles and zoom levels.