Discourse the mental/behavoral health systems, mental/behavoral health and larger implications

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partially inspired by http://mindfreedom.org/

this is in rather not final form, right now. some statements still need to be check for verfiability/validity.

Mind Freedom dot org appears to be a non-profit organization which hopes to offer alternatives to what some might see as oppressive and un-ethical practices.


just a start for right now...

Fiscal and economic impacts on mental/behavioral health

What if someone does not have money? What if the economy is not so well? How might this impact the mental/behavioral health of those within a territory? Is the answer not fairly clear? For those who are low on monetary funds and have a difficult time finding work, will not some anxiety be natural? Now some anxiety can perhaps be seen as a good thing. This is referred to as eustress. What is the difference between anxiety and stress? For practical purposes, perhaps anxiety can be thought of as both physiolgical and psychological reactions to stress. Stress can then be economic, cognitive or bodily pressures which cause dissonance.

Interactions between clients and practitioners and how economics and power impacts this

Diagnosis and economics/finances - where to these intersect?

Relationships, power, nepotism, network strength....

Relevant ideas from mindfreedom.org


The following are some quotes, used under fair-user copyright clauses.

Mental/behavoral health and segregation

...She said, to paraphrase, "Now all this is well and good, we all agree about the possibility of recovery, the need for alternatives. But I want to say that for SERIOUS diagnoses like 'schizophrenia' and 'bipolar' that is a totally different question. They mainly need to be put on psychiatric drugs, and kept on them."
...Now, I know I'm paraphrasing. But my point is SEGREGATION.
... Dr. Satel made sure that everyone at that round table, and everyone watching, knew there was a 'wall.' And that wall was when someone had severe issues, then the 'answer' was mainly drug, drug, drug, drug, drug.
We are pro-choice on people taking prescribed psychiatric drugs. Some of our members choose to take prescribed psychiatric drugs, other members hate them and avoid them like the plague.