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Learning Outcomes

This learning module aims to help you to install the software required to run Elluminate on your computer, and help you get ready for your first elluminate session.

Pre-session set-up

Elluminate is the virtual classroom that we use on the Otago Polytechnic Massage Therapy programme courses. Some software must be downloaded and installed on your computer before you will be able to access Elluminate. It's advisable to allow approximately 1 hour to get your computer set up before your first session.

Do you have your headset yet? If so, plug it in.

If you're the kind of person who likes to watch an instructional video before you go through the process yourself, then have a look at this (Sorry about the image quality). Otherwise you're welcome to jump right ahead to the setup.

Setup: This link will take you to Elluminate's support page. Run through the checklist for first-time users to get your computer ready for your Elluminate session. If you con't already have Java installed on your computer, this could take some time (if you're on dial-up perhaps an hour).

Logging in to your session

Have a look at this video which will show you how to login to elluminate, and use the basic features of elluminate.

When you're ready to login, go to the email that your lecturer has sent you with the link to the elluminate meeting. Click on the link. Elluminate should load after approximately 3-5 minutes on broadband or 30 minutes on dial-up.

Access Headaches

Sometimes people have trouble logging into Elluminate the first time. There are a range of possible issues which may need to be resolved. If you can't access the session, send an email to your lecturer letting them know. They may be able to help.

Usually once people have logged in once, they can log in again without any dramas.

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