Eliminating all mental disorders

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"In the past, men created witches; now they create mental patients."
Quote by Thomas Szasz, a Hungarian born Psychiatrist

SENS proposes to be a theory to cure all physical diseases. What should something be called that could theoretically cure all mental diseases? A cool catchy, marketable name is of course needed first. Strategies for Engineered Maximal Happiness... how about that? Please feel free to post other ideas. SEMH for right now. SEMH... good enough for now.

So here is what is up... here is what this is about...

There are various mental diseases....


Can the mind be sick? The mind is abstract. The mind is consciousness. The brain can hold information and knowledge. Can the mind be sick? There are physical disorders which can lead to death and/or create physical symptoms. There are bodily disorders. Humans can habits and ways of living...


There are...


What would cause a mood disorder? De-moralization? Stressors? Diathesis stress modals...

Suposing it is a combination of stress and genetics...

Theoretically, then, it would seem the key for the "cure" would to _never_ let excessive amounts of stress pressure the human into experiencing the "mental disorder". Would then not political and social change be necessary for excessive amounts of stress to never threaten the individual?

proposed cure...

be able to cure problems of living!

Would we have to decrease the pace of society? would we have to eliminate artificial urgency?

Theory, brainstorming, and speculation

Perhaps to "cure" all mental disorders, what would be required is a recognition by both mental health professionals and "patients" that much of what can be perceived as mental "disorders" is socially fabricated. An understanding of the nature of the fabrication must be obtained.

Anxiety disorders

The nature of the anxiety will dicate the cure.

Ensure a safe environment - LegaL! Protection... self defense...

instill confidence....

help ppl sort of... sort of... care less about what others think about them. to a healthy, reasonable, and useful degree...

Also... cure problems of living!

Deep breating! Exercise.... relaxation.... applied tension.


Could psychosis be viewed as lying?

Perhaps those experiencing these "disorders" should be taught how to ignore symptoms and to act socially appropriately. If they can act socially appropriately, then that should allow them much better chances to obtain employment. That almost eliminates 30% of the potential to meet diagnostic criteria for such a disorder.


Personality disorders


Borderline personality disorder

The role of trauma in the etiology of mental disorders


habbits... physical disease...


Where is my pesky DSM????

Perhaps SENS is a requisite for SEMH to work. Certainly missing diseased humans causes mental distress, or at least it can.




UNDER ADA New Yorkers with "MENTAL DISORDERS" have the right to have their own apartment. sort of like that.. anyway... "group homes" is akin to INSTITUTIONALIZATION