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The Centre for Science Education and Communication (CSEC), University of Delhi, Delhi 110 007, India, is currently involved in the University's e-learning pilot project. CSEC would like to collaborate with other institutions involved in e-learning.

Some of the past initiatives of CSEC include the Elementary Education Teachers' Reseaarch Network Project with Homerton College, Cambridge, and two projects on Scientific and Technological Literacy for All with UNESCO, supported by UNICEF. For information about other activities of the Centre, please visit http://csec.du.ac.in

In January 2007, CSEC launched a science e-forum under the name "Vimarsh". Although meant primarily for the science community of the University of Delhi, academic users anywhere who are interested in registering on the forum may do so, after we have satisfied ourselves that their interest is genuine. Please go to the CSEC homepage and click on the VIMARSH link.