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Local Course Outline

Sustainable Practice 1


SMS Code      
Level 5 Credits 15
Total Learning Hours 150 Directed Learning hours 60
Workplace or Practical Learning hours   Self Directed Learning hours 90
Course approved in another Programme  No



To recognise the need for sustainability in the management of our natural, built, economic and social environment

Learning Outcomes

At the successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

1.             Demonstrate knowledge of sustainable practices in the management of our natural, built, economic and social environment

2.             Understand some of the key sustainability issues – internationally and nationally

3.             Demonstrate an understanding of the science and systems of sustainability


·        Terminology and concepts of sustainable practice

·        Definition of the key sustainability issues both present and future

·        Examination of the science of sustainability

·        Explore a systems approach to sustainability

·        Explore personal values and attitudes around sustainability issues

·        Evaluate management strategies for the sustainability of our environments

Learning/Teaching Strategies/Methods

Lecture series, fieldtrips, practical workshops, project work, presentations, videos, case studies, industry visits.



Assessment Weighting Learning Outcomes
Assignment 100% 1-3


Attendance Requirements


Completion requirements

All assessment requirements must be met

Student Reading List

Course web logs, on-line library