Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation

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The aim of education is developing the 'whole child'.With the school system in India predominately focusing on the intellectual skills mainly and the parents and the society further supporting it ,the psycho motor and affective domains of holistic learning have not received their due importance.In the present scenario it is very stressful for the parents,teachers and students only to be working on cognitive aspects without learning the processes of learning.Teachers' professional self esteem and promotions are geared to the scholastic marks attained by their learner- hence also very high stress levels on the teachers which are manifested in the form of teacher stress and burn out. This in turn affects our system of education on the whole.

Hence to bring about the improvement in the quality of education and the holistic development of the child who is tomorrows global citizen, evaluation process should focus adequately on both scholastic and non-scholastic areas of development. Hence the focus needs to shift to comprehensive evaluation. The comprehensive evaluation also needs to have continuity at regular intervals through out the academic year. This thought is further gets support from the fact that the National Progressive Schools Association has also recommended the scrapping of class X board exams

This module focuses upon the the various evaluation tools and techniques which can be used for decision making with reference to learners scholastic and non scholastic needs.


  1. To provide a holistic profile of the learner through assessment of both scholastic and non-scholastic aspects of education
  2. To identify the latent talents of the learners in different contexts.
  3. To identity strategies for raising Student Achievement
  4. To plan a Comprehensive Evaluation Program to Improving Schools
  5. To suggest suitable tools and techniques for achieving continuous comprehensive evaluation.
  6. Use Evaluation for Continuous School Improvement
  7. Using evaluation as a tool for continuous improvement of the school and the students.
  8. To suggest ways of strategies of sensetising school administrators, parents and the community about CCE.

Project Plan

  1. seminar with principals on:
  • concept of whole child
    • Cognitive
    • Affective
    • Psychomotor
  • CCE- Its role in improving the school and facilitating students achievements.
  • Facilitate CCE in the school: Providing adequate facilities and infrastructure.
  1. workshop with teachers on -
  • concept of whole child
    • Cognitive
    • Affective
    • Psycho motor
  • bringing awareness about multiple techniques of evaluation
  • developing multiple techniques of learner's evaluation.
  1. actualizing the multiple techniques of evaluation.