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Students will provide a professional welcome to a client in non-personal circumstances.


Using an analysis approach students will look at a tourism website and gauage if a non personal greeting has been extended in a welcoming way. By means of email students will welcome and invite potential clients to a travel evening presentation.


1. Go to the following website travelocity website (linked below) in Supporting Resources and answer the following questions

  • How has the website welcomed viewers (potential clients)
  • What makes it friendly/or not (remember your analysis questions from the "Internet Selling" Activity - apply them)

2. Your travel agency is holding a travel evening presentation - Destination Dubai. You have been asked to contact and invite, via email, potential clients who management believe may be interested in this. You must first welcome these clients (choose one name from the list below) and then invite them to the evening. Remember you will need to answer the 5W's - who, why, what, when, and where. Email the finished invitation to your lecturer


Miss Samantha Gore

Mr James Eggleton

Ms Karon Rasin

Mr Gene Fisher

Support resources