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Selling mexican churros at the border crossing

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Learning how to enhance a sale


Cross selling


A cross - sell occurs when a seller offers a buyer the opportunity to purchase allied products that go beyond the obvious core products eg. when you go to the Albatross Colony [[1]] to take the tour but end up buying lunch at the cafe and purchasing some souvenirs from the shop.

Look at the following situations and provide a cross sell example:

1. Buying a car...example:

2. Having a checkup at the dentist...example:

3. Booking an airline ticket on the internet...example:

Now lets look at some tourism specific cross - selling

1. The customer is at the airport counter and rents a car. You, the sales representative offer...example:

2. Two novice skiers drive to a local mountain resort and purchase lift tickets. You, who sold the lift tickets to them, suggest...example:

3. A passenger is on an escorted motorcoach tour. You, the tour escort, offer...example:

4. You, the hotel's poolside attendant, provide towels for a couple. You suggest...example:

Be careful though - if any of the examples increases the quality or cost of the core product ( buy a better airline ticket) then its not cross-selling. Its probably an upsell.

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