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Brushing the objections aside

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Understanding and addressing buyers concerns and objections


A salesperson must be prepared to address whatever concerns or objections a client identifies. Use your selling and communication skills to put your client at ease.


Scenario: You have suggested to your client that they take an escorted coach tour. The client in return has expressed their concern that an escorted tour would limit their flexibility and it was not something they had thought of doing.

What you need to do:

  • identify whether the objection is one based on fact - is an escorted tour flexible?
  • identify if there is a hidden objection - sometimes people say they have an objection for a particular reason but that reason is just masking another which is usually more personal
  • identify if it is an imaginary objection - one based on misinformation or one that is untrue

Once you have answered the questions above and think you understand the scenario, create another scenario using the 3F solution (feel, felt, found e.g. I understand you feel that it is too expensive, I felt that way too until I found out the package included all meals) and provide the recommendations you as the salesperson would make to address the client's concerns or objections.

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