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Consultative planning and training workshop: COL community ODL partners


COL is bringing together key operational partners and champions in October (2009) in Vancouver, Canada, to

  • build partners' knowledge and skills in developing non-formal ODL programming through a trainers train themselves approach
  • review and analyse various approaches in use by COL partners and their specific contexts, e.g. participatory content creation (Swinburne), use of drama (Jamaica, Malawi), community ODL programmes (Jamaica, Tanzania, etc.)
  • review and plan strategies and applications (tools) (e.g. International Peer Group, WikiEducator, PCF6, Moodle, YouTube) in the coming three-year period
  • review the COL 3-year plan vis a vis community learning programmes and the Healthy Communities initiative

Dates: 29 Sept - 2 October

Venue: COL HQ: Vancouver, Canada


To advance the planning and implementation of the Healthy Communities initiative by working directly with key partners to review and remix strategies and tools

Expected outcomes (by Jun-10)

  • New approaches to non-formal, community ODL programming are in use by key national/regional agencies in all Commonwealth regions
  • 15+ groups at local and national levels are actively engaged in ODL programming
  • New community ODL programmes (6) are run reaching 300+ learners
  • Policy feedback forum at International AIDS Conference 2010 and PCF6


  • Tools and strategies for training and programme development in the new 3-year plan are improved and harmonised among the partners
  • Open training materials
  • Plans for each region, including gender and youth considerations, M&E
  • Plan for policy elements: Perspectives series publication (Media for Learning) and PCF6 policy feedback forum


  • EcoNews Africa, Njuki Githethwa
  • Story Workshop, Joke van Kampen
  • Media Training Centre for Health, Gail White
  • CEMCA, Rukmini Vemraju
  • Maraa, Ekta Mittal
  • Patrick Prendergast, CARIMAC
  • David Leeming, Solomon Islands
  • UNESCO, Hara Padhy
  • COL, Ian Pringle


Documentation: results, reports, etc.


COL Report