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Suggested Activities for WOW Read-Aloud Sessions

Introduce Yourself... (5-10 min.)

  1. Tell the group a little about who you are and how aviation is a part of your life. If possible bring a photo of you with your family and/or plane. Share as much as you feel comfortable about your youth, education and family. Details about your hobbies, pets, planes and kids will be of interest to the students and will help them relate to you.
  2. Bring a map of the US and point where you were born, where Burns Sci-Tech is located and other important places as they come up in the stories.
  3. Tell them that you are here to: share your interest in aviation

read about pioneer women aviators

Introduce the Book/Person

  1. Have them look at the cover and tell what they think they might learn from it. Tell them who the subject is and ask what they already know of her.
  2. Ask them to think about the following as they listen to the story:
    How are you alike & how are you different from the main character.

Read the Story/Book

  1. Point out places on the map as they come up in the story.
  2. Add small bits of information from your own experience/knowledge as you read.

Follow-up Discussion (as time permits)

Have the students apply what they have learned by participating in one of the following:

  1. Ask the group to imagine that the pioneer aviator was still alive and having a birthday party. Brainstorm a list of birthday presents the she might like. Have the students give reasons for their gift selections. (Grade 3 and up)
  2. Ask the group to imagine that the pioneer aviator was still alive and was coming to visit the school for a week. Brainstorm a list of nearby places she could be taken to have fun, to eat and to learn about life today. Have them give reasons for their selections. (Grade 4 and up)
  3. Ask the group to imagine that the pioneer aviator was still alive and that a party was being given to honor her. Brainstorm a list of people from the present (famous folks, family, school and community leaders) and people from the past who could be invited. Each guest should have some connection to the woman's characteristics, interests or accomplishments. Students should be prepared to give reasons for their selections. As a class, put together a guest list of the 10 best. (Grade 5 and up)

End the Session

  1. Share a word of encouragement/thanks.
  2. Remind them to learn more by doing a web search for women in aviation.
  3. Girls interested in aviation should visit