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suggestions for grid game

Suggested Ways to Use a Bingo-type Grid Game

To prepare the game grids:

  • Have each student/player create, on a piece of notebook paper, a 4 by 4 game grid of squares like a bingo card but with 4 columns and 4 rows - not 5 and 5.
  • Have each student select a last name from the Women with Wings Study Sheet or bookmark and print it into a square. Students should continue selecting names and printing them until all 15 names have been placed. The placing of names in squares should be done randomly so each student's game grid is a little different. The last square without a name should be marked with a "X" and is a free square.

To play the grid game:

  • The teacher/caller should randomly select the name of women from the study sheet/ bookmark and call the first and last name of the woman selected. Students/players should put an "x" over the name called on their own game grid. On a separate sheet, the caller should write down the name called so there is a record.
  • The first player to have X' on 4 squares across, up & down or diagonally should call out. "Bingo," "I'm number one," or other catch phrase.
  • To prove that a possible winner has the put Xs on the correct name/square, (s)he must read the names back to the caller. If the read-back is correct, that player is declared the winner of that round. Prizes may be awarded at this level or play may continue for multiple sessions or on successive days.

Here's where it gets to be more fun and more challenging! The first time or two, the caller may have the players read back just the last name, but as the game continues to more rounds or more sessions, the caller may have them:

  • Call back the first and last names. (Depending on the grade level, allow the players to refer to the bookmark/study sheet.)
  • Call back first or first & last names from memory.
  • Call back an accomplishment as well as the first and last names.

For higher grades and as your educational goals dictate, make the video available for replay and have the players call back from memory dates, places and/or additional accomplishments.


Round and game winners might earn:

Younger kids:

  • A "lead-the-line" pass
  • A free pass to the library
  • A positive call/email to parents

Older kids:

  • A "get-out-of-homework-for-the-night" note
  • Free computer time
  • The opportunity to select the ____ for the day.