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These resources are online open access resources which may be useful for midwives or student midwives to support their learning.

Universal precautions

Handwashing [1]
Donning sterile gloves [2]
Sterile gloving [3]

Vital signs

Measuring and recording blood pressure; [4]
Lecture from a nursing lecturer about blood pressure this is part one [5]
Continuing form previous lecture, second part of blood pressure video [6]
This is the third and final part the lecture videos on blood pressure [7]

Birth mechanism

Stations of presentation; [8]

3D animation of birth, lateral and pelvic outlet view. Watch what happens to the coccyx [9]

3D animation of birth showing cervical dilation and effacement [10]


Fetal circulation [11]
Interactive clinical pharmacology [12]
Categories of acquired immunity [13] Not really a video but in interactive website illustrating immunity, good fun.


Two handed square knot; [14]

One handed surgical knot tying; [15]

Three throw instrument tie;[16]

Breast feeding

Guide to breast feeding part one; positioning at the breast [17]
Guide to breast feeding part one; Part two of breast feeding [18]

Urinary catheterisation

Catheterisation with model [19]
Catheterisation with woman [20]


Subcutaneous injection [21]
Intramuscular injection [22]
Intramuscular Z-track injection [23]