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What does your appearance say about you? Image by Briarmelle Quintessa. CC By

4 - Communicate your best image

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it!
Charles Swindoll

Preparing for the Interview
First impressions are always important. A critical part of the impression you give the interviewer will be based on your physical appearance. An employer may think that a person who fails to care about his/her appearance will also fail to care about the job.
Here are some guidelines to follow when preparing for your interview:
• Get a good night’s sleep – bloodshot eyes are not appealing
• Make sure you are showered, clean shaven, with sparkling teeth and fresh breath (avoid smoking directly before an interview)
• Do not overdo the perfume or aftershave – a little is attractive while a lot can be overpowering
• Have clean, neatly styled hair and clean nails – avoid bright nail polish
• Dress conservatively, ie. dress a step above what an employee for that job would wear – a general guide would be trousers with shirt and jacket, and possibly a tie, for men, and a formal skirt and blouse, trousers with a jacket, or a smart day dress for women
• Avoid excessive jewellery, especially items such as large hoop earrings that can be distracting
• Wear clean shoes and stockings/tights without ladders (it is always a wise decision to take along a spare pair in case of emergency!)

During the Interview
Much of our communication is nonverbal. Nonverbal signals are important in the interview.
Here are some guidelines to follow during your interview:
• Use a natural greeting and shake hands firmly
• Don’t play with your hair and keep your hands away from your face
• Try to show confidence by having an upright posture, using gesture and eye contact
• Avoid fidgeting and repeatedly crossing your legs
• Be a good listener and focus your attention on the interviewer
• Smile