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Vital Signs: Revisited
Media Art Scoping (MASS) - Media art education at the intersection of science, technology and culture -
Date: July 4th 2009
Location: Victorian College of the Arts

Focus: The media/electronic art scoping symposium seeks to explore the current pioneering educators, artists and scientists who have brought about the dissolution of boundaries that have traditionally existed between the artistic and technological disciplines. The symposium will survey the work of media art educators who have developed new interdisciplinary curricula, facilities and information technologies.

Papers and posters will be on the following themes:
• media art, media art histories and associated pedagogical strategies
• media art in the context of contemporary art education
• examples of media art, descriptions and analysis of science, media art and culture
• creative practice as research in new media
• media art innovations in teaching and learning

National Organisation of Media Arts Database (NOMAD)

Platform Goals: The National Organization of Media Arts Database (NOMAD) is to become a comprehensive and current body of literature on the evolving area of Media Art within tertiary education. NOMAD will provide a social network through Web 2.0 technology that will act as a platform for the creative exchange of ideas, information, curricular models and best practice solutions from across this continually evolving field of study.

Invitation: The national Media Art Scoping Study (MASS) would like to invite all media arts theorists, practitioners, and academic to participate in the creation of this database by providing details of their history in teaching media art and current practices. This will provide the opportunity for Deans, academics and researchers to understand nationally an overview of developments in media/electronic art education through emerging technologies and science. It can reasonably be anticipated that the resulting cross-fertilization of ideas will demonstrate 'emergent' properties leading on to new knowledge.

Support & Synapse: The MASS is generously supported by the Australian Network for Art & Technology, which has provided seamless access to its Synapse <> database of collaborations between media artists and scientists.