Interaction technologies and tools

OCL4Ed is an open, online and networked learning experience

Open content licensing for educators (OCL4Ed) is an open online course which integrates different technologies to provide a networked learning experience.

The course is designed for guided self-study with opportunities for peer-support from your fellow participants and facilitators using microblog, blog and discussion forum posts. The course materials incorporate activities where you will be prompted to share your thoughts and learning using the interaction tools.

The OERu free online courses usually attract hundreds of participants worldwide. Meet new friends and share your experiences. You will get the most from this course by sharing your thoughts, ideas and experiences with fellow participants by posting regularly via your microblog and the identified discussion forums. There are numerous prompts embedded in the course materials when to share ideas, or you can post whenever you like. All these interactions are automatically harvested in the course feed which you will find on the learning console.

An overview of the OCL4Ed learning environment

The graphic below provides a visual representation of the different technologies used for OCL4Ed.

Links to the learning resources are provided on the learning console. Share your thoughts and ideas with fellow learners using the interaction tools by posting on WEnotes, twitter or Google+ including our Google+ OCL4Ed community. Keep up to date with the live course feed feed. This aggregated feed provides a succinct summary of all the relevant posts from the different interaction technologies.

Overview of the OCL4Ed learning environment

The learning environment for the OCL4Ed online course uses three sources:

  1. Learning resources
    • You can choose to work through the self study learning sequences listed on
    • The question and answer support forum called Ask OERu
  2. Interaction tools - You can post thoughts and interact with fellow students using:
    • Microblog posts for short interactions including:
      • WENotes (WikiEducator Notes) or
      • Twitter (Remember to include the "#OCL4Ed" tag in your posts.)
    • For more detailed responses use:
      • The Google+ OCL4Ed community or
      • Personal blog posts (a requirement for participants who will request formal assessment services). (Remember to tag or label your posts using the OCL4Ed category.)
  3. OCL4Ed Aggregated feed which generates a timeline of: microblog posts (WENotes & Twitter), discussion forum post in the Google+ OCL4Ed community, and support questions, answers, and comments from Ask OERu. (This is an important resource for gaining an overview of what is happening in the course.)