Overview of the course structure

The structure of an OERu course website is divided into the following components:

  • Course landing page where you manage your course registration information. You will also find orientation information to get started.
  • Course guide which summarises the course aims and provides information about the learning environment, teaching approach and suggested resources to supplement your learning.
  • Course assessment provides information on assessment model including certification options, E-Learning Activities and required assignments for formal academic credit.
  • Learning console which is the hub for your learning activity. This page contains access to all the links needed for your study including the course announcements, courseware and timeline of interactions.
OERu course structureV2.svg

Most OERu courses are divided into sessions which refer to a unit of time for the registered OERu cohorts, for example a week or allocated dates for each session. Each session will direct learners to one or more learning pathways which guide your study of the learning materials. These pathways will include learning activities ranging from short micro-blog posts to more comprehensive E-Activities which may be specified for certification of participation and/or sub-components of the assignments for formal credit.