Assessment overview

Two types of activities
The course includes short activities and more substantive E-Activities. Short activities will contribute to your learning experience and interaction with fellow learners. Substantive E-Activities require more effort, but will help you gain a deeper understanding of the course topics. Both types of activity contribute to the the minimum requirements for active participation and are building blocks for the formal credit option.
Certification for participation
Certification for active participation is determined by completing the minimum number of short activities (i.e. microblog, blog and forum posts, and peer evaluations) plus a selected number of substantive E-Activities. A nominal administration fee is charged for processing a pdf certificate for active participation. You must make sure that you register the urls of your social media accounts before the course starts because these are used to track your participation.
Assessment for credit
The Open Content Licensing Course is one of four mOOCs which carry formal credit towards the Open Education Practice course elective in the Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education at Otago Polytechnic. To qualify for formal credit, learners must successfully complete the course assignment. Otago Polytechnic will issue a credit bearing micro-credential to learners successfully complete the formal assessment requirements.