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Leisure Time is Important Too

"All work and no play…" We all no that it is important to have some leisure, some time for relaxation in out lifes. If we really think about it we generally spend one-third off our day sleeping, one-third working, and one-third free to do the things which interest us. And it is a dull life if we find ourselves saying "we are sick of having nothing to do'.

The Council for Recreation and sport has just what you need - a series of 'Getting Started' cards.

"Getting Started' cards contain everything you need to know about recreational, sporting hobby, craft or cultural actives that could interest you.

Each card tells you what the activity is, who can do it, how it is done, how to get started with it, what you get out of the activity, when and where you can do it, what equipement is needed and what the equipment is likely too cost. It also tells you where you can get more information about the activity.

The cards are only 10 cents each, but you must buy a minimum of 5 cards (they can all be different).

Pick out some activities which appeal to you and send your list, with a check or postal note for the correct amount to:

New Zealand Council for Recreation and Sport

PO Box 5122


You'll be surprised how much more enjoyuable life is when you have something interesting to do.