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Wiki is a collaborative writing tool but it should change some features and have additional features for e-Learning.

These are the common features of wiki:

  1. editing via browser (no need any special software)
  2. simplified wiki syntax
  3. rollback mechanism or history (also called versioning)
  4. strong linking (wiki page links to internal wiki page or external url)
  5. unrestricted access ( any body can create, edit, delete, link)

The above mentioned features combined make wiki as a collaborative writing tool. The following are elements of wiki:

  • Article or page (contents are organized into a page)
  • Edit button (that function to edit mode of a page)
  • Recent changes (Page to show certain number of recent changes to wiki pages)
  • Sandbox (Playground for new wiki users)
  • search functions (search by keywords)

Moreover, many schools already used wiki for collaboration in class and online course. The following are extended features of wiki for schools.

  1. User account and access control (Users have to register to write wiki pages)
  2. Page locking mechanism (If a user is editing, another user have to wait until he save the page)
  3. Timer (Time contraint for user in edit mode; not allow user in edit mode for a long time)
  4. Discussion (allow comments on a wiki page)
  5. Freeze content (After deadline, wiki page does not allow for editing)

This is my proposed features for wiki collab space in e-Learning. In addition to the standard features of wiki:

  • Fine-grained permissions that can be set per space, per user roles
  • Support for groups and group rights
  • A comments feature on each page
  • Attachments on each page
  • Versioning for pages and attachments
  • WYSIWYG editor for content creations
  • Students’ contributions checking feature
  • Simplistic syndication into and out of the space (RSS), making integration with other social sof

tware trivial

  • A space-wide blog
  • Wiki space should embed in a course website

What else? Please update as much as you can