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The Warrington Way-drumming and dancing

Warrington School


  • Opens - 8.30, classes begin - 9.00, morning break - 10.35-11.00, lunch - 12.30-1.30, finishes - 3.00
    • Earlier and later drop offs can be arranged with a class teacher


  • School bus available for outlying students
    • Children are encouraged to walk and cycle to school

General Information

  • Our heated and covered swimming pool is used in the summer terms
  • Grounds include newly developed court area, pirate ship, climbing frames, climbing trees, sandpit and paddock
  • Sports gear is available every break time
    • Outdoor activities are encouraged at break times (weather dependent)
  • Homework is negotiated on a needs basis in consultation with parents
  • Children are guided into taking responsibility for their learning and behaviour
  • We use restorative justice principles in dealing with problems
  • The staff are actively involved in lunchtime activities
  • Parents/whanau are encouraged to join in on school activities
  • Children are supervised through all break times and sit to eat morning tea and for the first fifteen minutes of lunch
  • Named and wrapped food can be brought to school for heating in the oven - 11-12.30

Extra curricula

  • School Activity Donation = $70 per child per year covers visiting performers, entry to events and bus trips
  • Miniball, T-ball, music tuition, swimming, dance, netball, boogie boarding and hockey
  • The Blueskin bay Library book car comes to Warrington School every 2 weeks and once a month runs a book club

School Organisation

  • Pre – entry visits for 4 year olds are arranged with the junior teacher - starting about 6 weeks from starting date
  • Attendance - if your child is going to be absent for any reason please phone the school preferably before 9:00 am
  • Stationery lists are available so materials can be purchased in town - the school stocks a few replacement items or specialist books
  • Newsletters are sent home every second week - paper or emailed
  • Our office is generally attended Monday to Friday mornings
    • The phone is not always answered so leave a message or txt a classroom teacher
  • Naming of children's property is helpful -
    • Lost property is displayed regularly
      • Unclaimed property is kept in a blue crate
        • Parents can pick through the lost property at their own risk
          • Unclaimed articles get washed and tossed (recycled) at the end of the term to FREE STUFF
  • Parent interviews and written reports are twice yearly - other interviews as needed

Year 7/8 programme

    • Attending technology sessions at Dunedin North Intermediate on Thursday mornings - fees $80
    • Opportunity for second language learning
    • Extra IT time
    • Career guidance is delivered through talking with a variety of adults about their chosen profession
    • Guidance counselling is offered via RTLB referral
    • Personal goals and inquiry learning
    • Camps on Quarantine Island/Sutton alternate years and Rabbit Island every year