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By the end of this page you will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of content management


As part of website content management and organisation should identify what content requires updating in your website and determine how often it needs updating or reviewing. Do this by:

  • itemising the various sections of your website
  • identifying what types of information can be found in each section – for example, text, images, video, audio
  • identifying for each section and each type of information, exactly what information is likely to require updating or reviewing
  • determining for each piece of information how often it requires updating or reviewing: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.

Quality Assurance

The content editor of a website can make the job more efficient and effective by establishing and administering a quality assurance procedure.

  • Establish a pro-forma that all contributors to the website use to submit new content or changes to existing content or functions. It should identify such things as:
    • the format for the content
    • how to indicate requested links
    • where in the site the new or revised content is to be placed
    • sign-off procedures.
  • Ensure everyone in the organisation knows about the proforma and how to complete it.
  • Confirm that the content supplied for updating does not infringe anyone’s copyright, intellectual property rights or is illegal in any way - eg privacy laws.
  • Proof-read the new content and seek approval from the author for changes prior to uploading.
  • Determine whether new content should be signed-off by the management team.
  • Develop a method of reporting problems.