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General course information (#vmvdlt)

  1. The is a fifteen-week third year (700 level) paper delivered as part of the Bachelor of Computing Systems at the Eastern Institute of Technology, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand.
  2. You should aim to spend approximately 10 learning hours per week, of which 1 hour will be devoted to interactive theory and 2 for interactive practical.
  3. The course is being designed around an Open Education philosophy so expect it to evolve during the course and over time.
  4. This page provides an overview with links to the relevant course materials and activities for each week of the course.
  5. You will get the most from this course by sharing your thoughts, ideas and experiences with fellow participants using microblog notes and posts to the discussion forums. Note you must use the hash tag #vmvdlt (digital learning technologies) on Twitter for your contribution to be recognised.
Welcome video

One day I'll put one of these in here!!

Welcome to the Digital Learning Technologies course!
  1. If you are an EIT student you need to register for this course on EITOnline (our Moodle site) if you haven't done so yet) to receive course notifications via email (make sure you have your normal email address otherwise the default student address will be used).
  2. If you are a visitor, feel free to follow along and contribute where possible.
  3. We will use two communication channels to connect with participants:
    • Microblog posts is the main communication channel for peer-to-peer support. Remember to include #vmvdlt in all posts for this course.
    • All discussion activities will take place using the EITOnline discussion forums. (See links to topic-specific forums in the list of resources for each day.)
  4. Most of all, have fun! You are preparing yourself for a changing the world.