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What is Tourism?

It is a social activity whereby people move from one place to another for a period of time of more than 24 hours but less than 1 year (for statistical purposes)and for a a particular motive or motives other than a financial one.

What Does it involve?

It involves a multitude of services such as: 1. Airlines 2. Tour Operators 3. Travel Agents 4. Hotels 5. Tourism attractions for example: shopping centers, Amusement parks, Natural parks, Museums,Heritage sites, etc... 6. Local Transport services 7. Medical services

It involves also: 1. The local people. 2. The Fauna & Flora. 3. The local customs & traditions.

Who benefits from tourism?

Most importantly it is the Economy which benefits from tourism because tourism brings foreign currency, foreign investment, and development that are privately undertaken by the hotels.

On the other side the population will find work at several levels since in the tourism industry there is a place for everyone.

Tourism can be a very fast way to develop an economy and to change the living standards of the the population.

Tourism brings in people from other countries of the world to learn about the local culture and traditions.

Tourism brings in technology like credit cards and ATM, internet, technology at the level of the kitchen, building or cleaning and so on.