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Middle school Math and Science Collaboration012:15, 28 October 2009

Middle school Math and Science Collaboration

Is there any interest in developing OERs using the Wikipedia model? Although someone starts a page, there is always an implicit open invitation to add and update. I'd start with middle school science and math activities but I'm open to suggestions.

It seems that most WE contributors - myself included, haven't been working this way. Partly because there isn't anything that is explicitly designated for this wide community collaboration. Partly because most contributors are working on personal teaching resources.

To me, the Wikipedia model is about creating open learning resources. I would really like to get some collaborative content development going that extends beyond the needs of an individual teacher, or school.

We are seeing expanding participation as learners in FOC08, CCK09, L4C, M4T which is great. Now let's get that going in the development side.

Vtaylor (talk)03:54, 28 October 2009